How do I decorate cakes using Frangipani Sugarcraft Flowers

If you would like to learn how to make hand crafted sugar flowers you can contact my friend Karen Hill at Wedding Cake Art Sydney.

I recommend buying a set of these. You have to squish the metal cutters into the classic Frangipani shape though. They have skinnier petals than a Rose. When building the flowers, you can mount them on florist wire or sit them in an empty egg carton.

How do I decorate a wedding cake using fresh flowers

If you would like to learn how to place fresh flowers on your cakes, my friend Karen Hill at Wedding Cake Art (a trained florist as well as cake decorator) can help you learn how.

Can you see how I separated the tiers of the cake to allow for a gap for the stems to be hidden. Those stems could be either wired or placed in water viles. This is the best way to preserve the cake from decorator damage as there is no need to poke them into the cake. Pull it all together with  florist tape and poke into blobs of icing to secure.

How do I Airbrush Lustre a Wedding Cake

My friend Karen Hill who owns Wedding Cake Art teaches this technique.

It is so easy to do with an air brush but it it can be done dry brushed. The secret is to layer the colors. You will need some Lustre Pigments . Make sure you keep your machine's tip clean and clear of blockages  with liquid cleaner . Make sure you are in a well ventilated room.

How do I decorate a cake using Royal Icing Piping Patterns

Royal Icing is just whipped egg white and icing sugar. It takes a lot of patience and practice to perfect as well as the right tools. My friend Karen Hill at Wedding Cake Art Sydney teaches how to pipe royal icing on cakes.

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Small Wedding Cake Supplier Sydney

I put the glue stick and the money in the photo so you can see that this cake is really small. The height is what makes it look grand and elegant.
If you only need a small cake but still want the impact of a larger one this is what you need. My friend Karen Hill at Wedding Cake Art can make one for you.

Cake Decoration Sugarcraft Roses

Roses are by far the most popular flowers on a wedding cake. With practice they are easy to make and have a big impact. I almost always started with white gum paste as the colors are so easily applied after they are dry. (Red and dark flowers an exception) Using a gum paste is simple because it sets and holds its shape. A set of 4 different Rose petal cutters will give you the gradient required from bud to outer petal. Most people prefer to mount their Roses on florist wire to make them easier to handle. For lessons on how to make your own sugar flowers, you can see Karen Hill at Wedding Cake Art Sydney

Tall Cake Supplier Sydney

Tall cakes can be a worry. You need to make sure that they are secure and that the pillars are inserted correctly. I never took chances, and glued the tops of the pillars onto small round cake boards. That way the pillars can not move an inch.

If you want lessons on how to go about putting a tall cake together, you can contact my friend Karen Hill at Wedding Cake Art Sydney

Fresh and Sugarcraft Flowers on Wedding Cakes

People would often ask me which way should I go, with fresh flowers or sugar flowers? You can see here that my design is identical, it is just the flowers are real (top) and sugar (bottom). I think it is a personal preference as they are both artistic and reflect the wedding colors.
The price may be the deciding factor for you so if you need a quote contact my friend Karen Hill from Wedding Cake Art Karen also runs cake decorating classes.

Wedding Cake Toppers Sydney Supplier

I hand crafted these cake toppers from gum paste. They can take a couple of hours but the result is always a fun reflection of the couple. My friend Karen Hill at Wedding Cake Art Sydney, makes these and also runs cake decorating classes.
If you want to keep your toppers long term though, I suggest you buy plastic or ceramic toppers as the sugar ones will deteriorate over time. Have fun with it. Or just be traditional.

Cake Decoration in Royal Icing Sydney Teacher

Royal Icing is just egg white and icing sugar whipped together. The magic happens when you decide how long to whip it as the time taken affects the elasticity of the finish. You can apply the icing thinly over an inner layer of pettinice. Applied with a palette knife up and down or side to side or a kitchen scraper. You can even stipple it on with a sea sponge.
If you want to order a cake or join in the cake decorating lessons, please contact my friend Karen Hill at Wedding Cake Art Sydney

Cake Decoration Using Quilting Technique

Quilting Technique is easy to do if you have a quilting template impression mat. Just press it against the side of the cake while the icing is still soft. You can add ornaments and icing patterns as well to enhance the design.

My friend Karen Hill At Wedding Cake Art  teaches the Quilting Technique in Sydney.

Cake Decorating Ornament Supplier Sydney

Here I have used the gorgeous ceramic cupids. They make a nice keep sake after the wedding. You can bring your treasured ornament to your cake decorator to have it attached and delivered with the cake or you can do it yourself. The monograms are nice too.
 If you want to know more about this contact my friend Karen Hill at Wedding Cake Art Sydney

How to decorate cakes with icing bows

When it comes to making icing bows there are no magic tricks. You just need a bit of patience while you wait for the gum paste or gum arabic in your icing to set. Just pack the holes with tissue paper while they dry. Tylose is a lighter color than the gum arabic so you may prefer that.

If you want to buy a cake with the bow design my friend Karen Hill at Wedding Cake Art Sydney makes these to order. She also runs cake decorating classes.

Silver and Gold Wedding Cake Supplier Sydney

You may have a silver or gold or even a silver and gold together theme for your cake. Here I have added some cake paint. It has a beautiful luster. You can also bring your color into the cake board covering. Just make sure you have a steady hand and a fine paintbrush.

If you would like to buy a cake you can contact my friend Karen Hill at Wedding Cake Art Sydney
Karen also runs cake decorating classes.

Sydney Mud Cakes for Weddings, Christenings, Engagements, Special Occasions

Personally I prefer the mud cake over a butter or sponge cake for a wedding. They are just so popular these days and the flavor choices are endless. These cakes keep fresh longer and they cut easily. At the wedding, small slices can be slipped into cake bags. If you are purchasing a wedding cake you can discuss your flavor choices with my friend Karen Hill of Wedding Cake Art Sydney and she will offer you samples to taste. If you join one of Karen's cake decorating classes, she provides cake for you to decorate. Contact her for details.

Sydney Wedding Cake Toppers or Figurines

The little icing figurines are fun. I enjoyed making them. It could take 1 to 2 hours to make. They are just sugar dollies but they have such individual personalities. No pair is the same. They are custom made to reflect the individuality of the couple. The middle image the man is wearing a kilt and I was instructed by the bride to make the doll a "real" scotty. I didn't get the camera angle right did I?
My friend Karen Hill at Wedding Cake Art Sydney makes these and you can contact her to purchase. If you would like to learn cake decorating, Karen has classes. 

You can purchase ready made figurines. And have a bit of a laugh.

How do I tier wedding cakes

Yes, that really is the Sydney Opera House in the background. These cakes all have multiple tiers. They are doubled up so you actually have 4 cakes inside. The point is that they look more modern because they are not separated by the plastic pillars. Without going into great detail, cover your cake or cakes joined together making sure each tier has a seperator board under it and internal pillars inside it for support. Cover the cakes with icing and assemble with the supports. Cover the join with a ribbon, piping or decorative bits. Let it set before moving it.
For more detailed instructions my friend Karen Hill of Wedding Cake Art Sydney has classes. She can design a cake for your individual needs as well.

Sydney Chocolate wedding favors

I just love these hand crafted chocolates. I took these photos because I used to sell these as well as cakes and they make great eye candy. My supplier was a family owned company called Jepska in Sydney. Here is a link
My friend Karen Hill of Wedding Cake Art Sydney was the lucky recipient of my entire chocolate mold collection and it was extensive. You see, they can be used for making icing deckles on the cakes as well. If you would like to learn how to do this Karen runs cake decorating classes.
I don't know where that pretty glass is now, probably borrowed it from my mum.